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VirtualDJ 8.0 build 2282 日本語版 無料 ダウンロー

VirtualDJ 8.0 build 2282 のWindows 8 対応バージョン

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VirtualDJ 8.0 build 2282:


VirtualDJ (VDJ) is a feature-packed deejaying software for mixing and playing digital audio and video tracks. The UI resembles a classic DJ setup with a mixer and two turntables but can be expanded to 4 decks or more. It’s vinyl emulation feature allows to control music files on the computer through physical turntables which makes the mixing and scratching experience authentic and far more powerful than using keyboard and mouse. VirtualDJ’s large range of features include standard controls (play, pause, stop, cue), automatic BPM and KEY calculation, a 3 band equalizer, pitch control, real scratch simulation, karaoke support, CD to MP3 encoder, compatibility with iTunes playlists, recording of DJ sessions and many more.


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