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Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin 5.3.3 日本語版 無料 ダウンロー

Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin 5.3.3 のWindows 8 対応バージョン

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Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin 5.3.3:このエディタはUnicode参照文字で書かれたプロパティファイルを直接編集することができ、native2asciiでUnicodeに変換する手間を省きます。通常のエディタの機能に加え、Eclipseのプラグインとし


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Properties Editor Eclipse Pluginインストール方法

インストール方法の一つ:Please copy the "jp.gr.java_conf.ussiy.app.propedit.eclipse.plugin_x.x.x" directory which thaws the distributed zip file and can do it to the plugins folder in the installation directory of Eclipse, and start Eclipse. (Please reboot, when Eclipse is already started.
A font and the duplication check function of a KEY can be set up on the setting screen of Eclipse. This font change function is being able to use the font with which other editors' differ, for example, the man in the Japanese area becomes possible to edit java sauce in Japanese, and to edit a properties file in Korean.

インストール方法の二つ:The updating site of plug-in for Eclipse was created. By this, installation and update are attained using the updating manager of Eclipse.
URL : http://propedit.sourceforge.jp/eclipse/updates/

Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin 5.3.3の編者:宇佐美

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Properties Editor Eclipse Plugin 5.3.3 Windows 8 対応


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