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Network Meter 9.6 日本語版 無料 ダウンロー

Network Meter 9.6 のWindows 8 対応バージョン

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Network Meter 9.6:Network Meter is an advanced network desktop gadget for Windows.


Network Meterの概要

Network Meter is an advanced network desktop gadget for Windows. It shows your SSID (Service Set Identifier), signal strength, internal and external IP addresses, blacklisted IP ratio, IP lookup with Google Maps, Internet speed (upload and download), firewall check, remaining data (quota, usage, and day), total data usage, and whether your connection is secure. It also includes flyout features that display all of your network information.



Network Meterの機能詳細

Network Meter offers plenty of details about your Internet's performance in an easy-to-install, stylish package. Though it won't tell you everything you might want to know like other desktop tools, it makes most of the details you'd need readily available and is extremely easy to customize. If you want a cool status center for your PC, you probably won't find a better one than this.

This program gives you a desktop widget with internal details about your computer's performance. It will tell you your IP address, whether or not you have a firewall and other security measures in place and even what your download and upload activity is. Since it only worries about your network, it won't tell you details about your memory or storage. You can customize every element of Network Meter's layout, including the color -- which lets you use HTML codes to get the exact color you want. The program will even give you an alert when it detects a sudden problem in your connection or Internet speed.

There isn't much this program won't help you find out when it comes to your Internet connection. It presents all of that info in a stylish, easy-to-read menu that doesn't interfere with your desktop's layout. Network Meter is about as good as it gets for desktop widgets, though you should look elsewhere if you need details about your memory or other internal parts.

Network Meterの特徴

  • SSID
  • 内部IPアドレス
  • 外部IPアドレス
  • ブラックリストに載せられたIP比
  • 速度試験
  • IPアドレス·ログ
  • ファイアウォールのチェック
  • Googleマップを使用してIPルックアップ
  • グラフ(表示/非表示)
  • スピードをアップロード
  • スピードをアップロード
  • 使用状況の合計
  • 使用状況の合計
  • 現在の使用状況をリセット
  • 総使用量をリセット
  • 無線ネットワーク接続の信号強度
  • 接続をチェックすると、セキュア、セキュアであるかどう
  • 失われた時に/接続の復元アラートを鳴らす

Network Meter 9.6の新機能

  • Added IP address log
  • Added blacklisted IP address ratio list in flyout
  • Added Yahoo search
  • Improves detect blacklisted IP address ratio
  • Improves detect external IP address.

Network Meter 9.6の編者:近藤香り

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